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Johnetta asks:

I just found out I have HPV and it's really hard for me to understand this. I have only had one partner and feel like maybe he has cheated on me and that is how I got it. I had a Pap a year ago and it was clean and this year it wasn't. I have abnormal cells. So I talked to my partner who swears he didn't cheat. But if he didn't cheat on me, how did I get HPV if it's sexually transmitted?

I can imagine the shock of hearing that you have HPV and I know that many women have the same questions that you do about how they got this virus. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Nearly 80% of American adults will have it sometime in their lives. It is transmitted through sexual contact. That means genital contact of a close nature, with or without sexual intercourse. HPV viruses can live for many years in your body without any signs or symptoms before starting to effect these changes in your cervix. The  HPV virus can remain "latent" in your body without your knowing it. Thus, it is very hard to know where you contracted the virus.  It is important for you to continue to get your regular checkups, Pap and HPV tests and follow your doctor's advice.

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