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Mary-Anne asks:

I am 27 and my HPV test (following an abnormal Pap) detected low risk HPV type71. What should be the best treatment for this type and what should I do from now on? Will the HPV vaccination help me(since I am only 1 year older from the deadline of 26)? How can I prevent my partner from be infected?

The vaccine protects against HPV strains other than the one you have (types 16 and 18 which cause the majority of cervical cancer and types 6 and 11 which cause genital warts).  The vaccine protects against these types prior to exposure to them.  The use of HPV genotypes in the US has only recently been approved, and only for HPV 16 and 18.  So there are no clinical guidelines for  management of other types, such as HPV 71.  Also, currently, the vaccine is only recommended in women up to age 26. To prevent your partner from infection your best bet is to use condoms.  HPV can be spread through skin to skin contact and the condom may not cover all areas that could lead to transmission. But it does offer some protection against HPV.

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