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Men and HPV questions

Sally Asks:

I found out that I have HPV through a DNA test.I'm 95% sure that he gave it to me. I realize that I could have had the virus for quite some time but that it could be in remission. If the virus is in remission can it still be passed on? If so, what are the chances of me passing it to him?

Chances are pretty good that you can transmit the virus even when it’s in remission. While HPV disease in men is uncommon- particularly disease related to high risk HPV types, you might still want to think about using condoms. They can reduce your risk of HPV transmission.

Brett Asks:

I have gotten out of a relationship of 4 months. My partner had cervical cancer about 1 1/2 years ago. What are the chances of passing HPV to my next partner?

The likelihood is high that you are infected with a high risk HPV type which means that you may pass it on to your next partner.  Unfortunately, the risk of your transmitting this HPV type to your next partner is not known.  What we do know is that a number of things need to occur, in addition to oncogenic or cancerous HPV infection, before a woman develops cervical cancer. Most women who have an HPV infection clear it on their own and cancer does not develop. Transmitting the virus to your partner rarely results in any disease.  HPV infections in men, like those in women, clear on their own most of the time over a period of time which can last from a few months to several years.  To best understand your specific risk, you should discuss these issues with a healthcare provider that deals with HPV so they can give you more personal guidance.

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