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Questions from June 2010

Linda Asks:

I've had complete Cervarix shots while I was sexually active. Can I still get vaccinated with Gardasil to be protected against other types of HPV?

It is not recommended you get both vaccinations.

Meena Khanna Asks:

Hi there,
My daughter had her first HPV vaccine on 19th Nov 2009 and then the second vaccine on the 22nd Dec 2009. She will be getting the third vaccine on the 25th June. Will this still be effective. I would really appreicate your response.

As you’ve noted, the recommended schedule for the HPV or cervical cancer vaccines is at month 1 for the first dose, dose 2 about 2 months later and then dose 3 at 6 months after the first dose.  If there is some variation in this schedule, your daughter is still likely to get the full or nearly full protection afforded by the vaccine.  You are to be congratulated for making sure that she gets all 3 doses. Getting all 3 doses provides greater protection than merely getting one or two doses.  A small variation in the schedule happens frequently to all of us busy people.


brenda Asks:

Brenda asks,

If i still have sex with my boyfriend before or after i get treated for the coposcopy will i make things worse by having sex with him without condoms?? or will it make no difference since he has my hpv anyways by now?

Chances are that your partner has the same HPV types that you have if you're in a long term relationship and having sex only with each other. Most experts think that the HPV virus doesn't 'ping-pong' back and forth between the same partners, so you shouldn't make it worse by having sex after the colposcopy.  But please talk to your doctor about these questions and how you can reduce your risk of having the HPV infection return.  One important step you can take is to not smoke. Smoking increases the risk of a high risk HPV infection growing into cancer. So if you don't now smoke, don't start. And if you do smoke, quit! 

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