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The National Cervical Cancer
Public Education Campaign

is committed to
On this site you will find the tools to achieve that goal. The Campaign partners with other organizations to provide women information about cervical cancer prevention, early detection and treatment.

Vaccinate Early

Welcome to our site

On this site you will quickly and easily find different tools and information that will help you stay informed about cervical cancer.

HPV and Cervical Cancer Stories View stories of survivors of persistent HPV infection and cervical cancer who urge you to protect yourself.
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      more DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS about HPV, cervical cancer or the vaccine? Visit our new"Ask a Doc" feature and submit your question to us. Protect Yourself GCF announces a new low lilteracy curriculum titled "What You Can Do to Help Protect Yourself against Cervical Cancer." It covers the topics of HPV, cervical cancer, growth studies, screening and vaccines. To download it or to
bracelet Emerald & apatite cervical cancer awareness bracelet- to honor designer's mother and other amazing survivors. 100% of proceeds benefit GCF. Learn More
Wear your pearl, share a photo, enter to win a prize. www.PearlofWisdom.us The Pearl of Wisdom Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer is a united, global effort to raise awareness of how to prevent cervical cancer through programs using the Pap test, the HIV test, and the HPV vaccine. Get more info on home testing kits and learn how to get your 'pearl.'

Programs of the National Cervical Cancer Public Education Campaign are supported in part by educational grants from GlaxoSmithKline, V-Tight Studies, Hologic LP, Merck & Co., and Qiagen in US.

Thank you for helping the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation promote these important resources to patients, survivors, their family and friends. To request permission to reprint any of the resources on this Web site, please contact us at gcf@thegcf.org.

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