Life Stories

View stories of survivors of persistent HPV infection and cervical cancer who urge you to protect yourself.

Quita's Story Quita's Story Quita, 33, did not expect to be diagnosed with cervical cancer when she went to the doctor for her yearly Pap test. She, like many other women, didn't know about HPV and that some types of HPV can cause cervical cancer. Fortunately Quita's cancer was detected early thanks to her diligence in getting yearly screenings, and today she is healthy and enjoying life with her young son. She encourages everyone to talk with their doctors about ways to protect themselves from HPV and HPV-related diseases.
Tricia's Story Tricia's Story Tricia and her husband Jason share how their life has changed since her unexpected diagnosis of cervical cancer. Their story of mutual support is inspiring, and they hope it helps encourage people to talk about and understand the connection between HPV and cervical cancer.
Lisa's Story Lisa's Story When Lisa, 39, was in the midst of moving to a new city, planning her wedding and finishing her degree, her health was not her top priority and she put off finding a new ob-gyn for several years. When she finally did go to the doctor, she was stunned to learn that she had cervical cancer. After going through treatment, Lisa is now healthy and enjoying life with her husband and their three-year old daughter. Lisa knows that her apathy about going to the resulted in cervical cancer, and she hopes that sharing her story will encourage others to take responsibility for their health.
Dawn's Story Dawn's Story Dawn was 39 years old and happily married with two daughters when she received an unexpected diagnosis of cervical cancer. Ten years later, Dawn's daughter Katie competes in pageants, and is so moved by her mother's experience that she made HPV and cervical cancer education her competition platform. Both mother and daughter hope that through sharing their story, fewer women will be told "you have cervical cancer."
Belinda's Story Belinda's Story Belinda, a single mother of twin boys, had always been diligent about her yearly health screenings and was shocked when she received a diagnosis of cervical cancer. The 47-year old flight attendant relied on her positive attitude, faith and love of dance to help her through the ordeal. Now healthy, Belinda shares her story in hopes of minimizing the stigma surrounding HPV and cervical cancer.
Joslyn's Story Joslyn's Story The last thing a college student planning for her wedding would expect to hear? "You have cervical cancer." Joslyn bravely dealt with her diagnosis, underwent treatment, and is now happily married. She hopes her experience will help educate others about HPV and cervical cancer.
Susie's Story Susie's Story Susie, a single mother of two, didn't know much about HPV and cervical cancer when she received her cervical cancer diagnosis. Now Susie wants to share what she learned during her experience so that no other woman will have to feel as alone as she did.